XM Ford Falcon Convertible

XM Ford Falcon Convertible
Damage to the door, trims and front guard
Damage to the door, trims and front guard
Customer requested a project change in direction from a simple door and guard repair to a total bare metal respray
The paint stripping process begins
Detail shot showing how much filler was under that paint
Paint stripped and ready for repairs
Lower quarter panel was rusted out
New lower quarter cut to shape
Lower quarter panel section removed
Tack welded into place
Fully Welded in place
New section was required in the lower quarter just in front of the wheel too
New section also required a new body line section as well
Partly welded in place
Boot area drip rail was very rusted and damaged
Damaged section removed
New drip rail section folded up and curved to shape
New drip rail section mocked up
Front Guards chemically paint stripped revealing lots of old body filler
One guard all repaired and ready for primer
Initial primer blocked down ready for final primer
In final primer, ready for block down and colour
Blocked down ready for colour
Inside of the bonnet and boot lid in colour
In colour and ready for final assembly
The XM Convertible came in for some repairs to a damaged drivers side door and front guard, and as the repairs began the owner requested that a total bare metal respray was to be undertaken. As you can see from the pics, the black paint was hiding a multitude of  sins, lots of rust and even more body filler! What start off as a simple door repair turned into a full overhaul and respray which also included some mechanical and wiring work, fitment of a thermo fan, electric ignition, and a remote brake booster. The brake system was also overhauled as was the window winders and roof mechanism all this has brought the XM back from decades of poor repairs and rust damage to a nice looking reliable cruiser.